I don’t worry about yesterday problems and future dreams, I live for the now…


I don’t worry about yesterday problems and future dreams, I live for the now…

I read that quote tonight while browsing profiles of people in Austin, TX. All I was trying to do was to connect with people in Austin to see how they like the culture, entertainment, and job market. Though, my task became distracted when I read this quote and thought this is something I need to share with you all.

For so long, I have been reminiscing on the past and daydreaming about the future but never really living in the now. Sure, I’m breathing, here, right now, at this moment but am I really alive in the now. One of the meanings of the word “alive” means:

(of a person or animal) alert and active; animated”

How can I be alert, active, and animated when I am stuck in the state of the past and have a disproportioned view of the future. Here and now I need to live in the moment, be content with the now, and be thankful of being in the presence. The somber complaints of ‘woe is me I am getting so old’ is setback to my own existence. Life is truly what you make it. We all have our bumps in the roads but you haven’t experienced life until you’ve overcome disappointment. There is no point to be stuck in the past; this will only void the present and slow down your future..



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