Love; pass it on.


“Let go of your obsession with the past and with trying, and instead remain relaxed and casual in the moment, noticing your life force minus your judgments and explanations. You will see good multiply as needed, when you come to know that you are not powerless to make it happen. The universe is rich with abundance that will be provided to you when you let go of reasoning that says your past must be your present”
– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

You know, when I was a little girl I use to have a superpower! Invisibility! Yes, I was invisible ya’ll. Teachers didn’t notice me, teen center advisors didn’t notice me, hell my own mother didn’t notice me! It’s almost humorous when you think about it. One thing I did to cope and make myself feel better about my illustrious childhood was to volunteer as a “camp counselor” for a northwestern children camp. The kids were about 11-13 years old, so basically they were in their awkward stage of life. But the one thing I made sure of was to pay attention to all the campers not just the popular or overtly extroverted students but to them all! I mean, I had the “fast tail” girls, the “new to America” kid, the “genius/know-it-all” kid but I gave them each my undivided attention because children should feel noticed, loved, and special. Because one day that kid is going to grow up and be an adult who shapes our nation. This is why it is critical to show love to people and pass it around.





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